Saturday, September 13, 2014

What's Happening in Science?

The first few weeks we have been very, very busy establishing routines.  Switching to a new school has been an adjustment for the students and the teacher!  We continue to work on having our materials ready, transitioning to a new room and being ready to do our best learning.

All fifth graders should be using their planner to track their HW assignments and bring them to school on their due dates.  The children need a pencil pouch and a homework folder/binder to help with organization.  

During science class, we kicked off the year with lessons about the roles of scientists, thinking like a scientist and the steps of the scientific method.  We are "Going Bananas" testing out many variables to see which way will keep a banana yellow the longest.  Our classroom is going to smell pretty ripe!!!  Here are several of our bananas.  We are still collecting data and will create charts to show our learning.

During our labs we have focused on cooperation and working as a team.  Here are photos of the children completing a STEM activity called "Tiny Cup Challenge."  They worked on strategies to build the tallest cup structure.  

I will give a weekly homework assignment in science that will be due on Fridays.  This week the child read a non-fiction article about the states of matter.  Next week, they will use the article to create a mini-booklet/brochure.  Over the next two weeks, we will investigate the states of matter while using the scientific method.  

I would like to start a weekly post created by the students…check here next week to see what is happening in math!