Sunday, September 27, 2015

Discovery Museum Kitchen Science by Courthney & Alexis

We had a visitor come to our school to give a presentation to all the fifth grade classes. The presentation was about chemicals, acids, bases, and mixers.
We learned that if you mix acid with the same amount of base you will get a neutral chemical. There are many chemicals that we have in our kitchens like baking soda, vinegar, sprite, and cabbage juice.

We tested different chemicals on a coffee filter that was soaked in cabbage juice. We had to solve the three mystery unknowns.

At the end of class every group got a jar of vinegar and we put pennies in the jar and shook it for the penny to get cleaner. We shook the pennies for 30 seconds each. It was amazing how quick it worked.

Chemistry is so much fun. Thanks Acton Discovery Museum!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Let's Go Bananas! by Alexis

Let's Go Bananas is a science experiment that our class is doing.  We have 7 variables, with 3 students in a group.  Each group has one banana and they observe it for four days, to see what they are doing can slow down the browning process.  My group has one banana, a container and a plate. We had to write a hypothesis.  Mine is "If a banana is put in a container, it will cut off the oxygen and it will turn brown quicker than the constant."

So far, there are little brown spots on my banana.  Some of the groups variables are; hanging, wrapping in foil, in a bag with holes, two bananas and in the closet.  We are still observing and then we will write the conclusion.  You need to follow the steps of the scientific method.

by, Alexis

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another week of Learning in 444

A student sharing "A lightbulb moment"
I love seeing a light bulb go off in class!!!
Yeah Ben!

Think Like a Scientist
Looking at photos and making observations and inferences
Students work independently and then shared with their group

 Picturing the Scientist Homework
Students had to draw a scientist at work 
Students made observations of our picture gallery.
I was happy to see many male and female scientists.
I was happy to see different types of scientists.

Scientists don't look like this:


OR this (I did have one teacher)

Here are some of our Scientists at work....