Wednesday, October 28, 2015

5th Grade Long Division

Long division is easy once you learn it. One way to remember how to do long division is:

  • Dad divide 
  • Mom multiply 
  • Sister subtract 
  • Brother bring down 
  • Rover repeat or remainder

Another way that will help you with long division is knowing your facts. you might not get it at first but eventually you will understand it by being determined and trying your best.You could also check your work with  multiplication.

                                                  This is Alexis and Trey signing off.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Top Secret Science: Mission Impossible

Hello agents,

I am agent AL310 writing to you for an update of what has happened in the agency... aka science class. Agent KH312 (Mrs. Hall) gave us all an assignment to figure out what the mystery powders were. Your team/group must work together and use what you have learned about properties to solve the mystery. Sorry my letter is so short this is...get give away the details, it is TOP SECRET. See you on the other side agents.

                                                                    agent AL310 (Alexis)
Remember this is top secret….

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Visit from Aunt Sally

Aunt Sally by, Alexis

 This week we had a very special guest… Aunt Sally!! 
Aunt Sally is Mrs. Hall's Aunt. Aunt Sally is a very crazy,but a fun person as well. She taught us a very fun,but important lesson.

PEMDAS is the lesson we learned.P stands for parentheses,the E stands for exponents and powers,the M stands for multiplication,the D stands for division, the A stands for addition,and the S stands for subtraction.To learn it we did hopscotch and a chant.I hope that this taught you something.