Sunday, May 22, 2016

Building Materials and Simple Machines

Simple Machines & Engineering Unit

I had my husband put together bags of building materials:
piece of wood
piece of plastic
piece of pipe
nuts and bolt
zip tie
The students had to pick eight things that they would use to build a house from the bags.  They had to name the item, what it was made out of and identify purpose.  
  Love my fun-loving fifth graders!
 I had each group share one item and continued around the room until everything was shared.

Simple Machines

We watched a few video clips and read about the 6 simple machines.  I broke my two classes into six groups.  They created posters and shared them with their class.

Poster Requirements:
illustration or diagram
I have the wooden models of the machines that my students love to use.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mainly Magnets

We have spent the last few weeks reviewing Physical Science for our upcoming MCAS science test.  It is based on Grade 3-5 curriculum and the students need to refresh their skills.

Magnets is the one time I let my students "play" with the materials.  They are just plain fun.  Who can resist sticking them on things, and trying to collect as many objects as possible?