Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher

Mrs. Kelly Hall
Grade 5

Mrs. Hall has been teaching in the Marlborough Public Schools for the past 23 years, 19 of those were in third grade.  She recently moved to the middle school and is now teaching math and science to two energetic fifth grade classes!

Mrs. Hall attended the Marlborough Public School, Worcester State College for Elementary Education and received her Masters in Education from Cambridge College.  She continues to stay current in her field by reading literature, taking workshops and blogging.  Her dream of becoming a teacher began in third grade.

She lives in Marlborough with her husband, Gregg, and her two daughters, Hannah and Emma. Hannah graduated from Keene State College, and teaches music in Shrewsbury and Emma is a junior at Assumption, and studies accounting and business.

Some of her favorite hobbies are reading, walking, cruising, snowmobiling and crafting. 

Mrs. Hall wants her students to have a positive experience at school and feel confident as learners.  She want her students to accept and understand the differences in others and the most important goal for fifth grade is to have fun while mastering the math and science curriculum and standards.

Mrs. Hall loves her job!

Poetry Rocks

Poetry Rocks

Together everyone
Have a great time on Thanksgiving
Aunts and uncles come one come all
Nana's houseis where we go
Kicking a ball with my cosins
Foods get set on the dinner table
U want more food
Loving family everywhere
by, Zoe C.  age 9

Thanks for all we have
Have a bit of cranberry sauce, I know you'll like it!
Apple pies and stuffing,too I can't wait!
Native Americans and pilgrims had this same celebration 390 years ago!
Kick back and eat dinner!
Scorching hot mashed potatoes
Gourds and pumpkins everywhere!
I am thankful for all this food!
Venison is what the Pilgrims and Natives ate
It lasted 3 days the first time!
No more mashed potatoes!
Giving thanks for all we have today!
by, Chloe age 9

Stop It! 
Bullying, Bullying, Bullying
Why so much bullying?
Try to fill a bucket or two, then everyone is happy
Will bullying ever stop?
 It's really hard to tell
 Do you want to end it?
You know you do!
by, Chloe age 9

Mrs. Hall's Room
Pencils are yellow, Boy's pass is blue
I like my teacher, do you like her too?
I am excited, so is my friend
 I hope this school year will never end!
I see new pencils and lots of new faces
This class is going super places
White boards are white, desks are blue
I like this class,  you will too!
by, Emily D. age 9 

Phases of the Moon Video

Great Resource:
The Old Farmer's Almanac
Trip to the Moon

Lunch Menu

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Wish List Supplies

These are items that we use all year...any donations are greatly 

The items that are bold are the ones that I could use the most.  
Ziploc Baggies (large and small)
Colored copy paper and card stock
Double-sided scotch tape (yellow package)
Cleaning Wipes
Paper Mate Black Felt-tipped pens

plastic sheet protectors
gift certificate to Wal-mart or Target

Thanks for your support!