Saturday, March 19, 2016


We have been working on plants for many weeks.  I started my unit with plant structures and functions.  We completed the celery lab and learned about how water travels to the leaves.
We planted bean seeds in baggies and observed them.  It took about a week for the seeds to germinate and then they grew like crazy.  We completed life cycle wheels.
 We dissected flowers and looked at all the parts.  We used microscopes to look at different types of plant cells.
I brought in a few carnivorous plants as our "Class Pets."  We have a venus fly trap and a pitcher plant.  The kids are dying to feed it a live bug!!!
We did a lab using Cheetos.  The kids got to pollinate their friends' flowers using the cheese that stuck to their fingers.
 After the roots grew in our bean baggies, we turned them 90 degrees.  The next day the roots had already started growing downward due to gravity.  The roots are also growing toward the water.  We will be wrapping up a few lessons on adaptations.

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